Windmill Power Generators

It does seem that everyone is looking for alternative ways to deal with our energy problems - so what should we do about this individually?  

We can start by making a big difference by reducing our external power consumption to zero and becoming self sufficient simply by harnessing the natural resources from the wind and/or sun.

For the implementation of windmills, it is usually ideal to have a minimum wind speed of an average 11 miles per hour, but people are achieving very good results with average speeds lower than that.
Installing windmills, turbines or generators is not percieved to be a cheap process. But, in a short while it will become a really huge money saving decision as the cost of all future power is immediately zero or very close to that - in fact you can sell back your excess electricity to the power companies.

Initial costs are the number one barrier for most people installing windmill power generators.  Buying a ready made wind turbine version is a far more expensive option than making your own. Building one is a very achievable goal and provided you consider a number of important factors and you can do this with little to no relevant experience.

Here are the essentials to bear in mind;

• It is essential to get proper plans for home windmill design. Bear in mind it must be adequate for the amount of power you want as output.

• The parts and components you use should be robust and sturdy - don't use the cheapest parts! You want your windmill to be long lasting and not easily damaged by heavy winds and storms.

• Do compare prices in the market and ensure the main parts will fall within your budget and will suit your installation site.

When choosing your windmill plans, make sure it contains the following features:

• Visual illustrations: Pictures convey the process far better than written descriptions alone. A windmill power generator guide with step by step in illustrated sections is the best type and will make the job far easier for you.

• Simple laymans terminology: A guide full of scientific terms and jargon will weigh you down with technical information, find another one if this is the case.  Easily understood language will simplify your work flow without having to decipher what is meant.

• Parts check list: Your chosen plan should give you written descriptions of components and a full checklist of all your requirements.  Normally a guide will also provide details of which type of component is most suitable for your type of windmill installation and siting.

• Locality: Ensure the guide you choose is relevant to your location. A guide for Asian or European supplies and installations is not going to be suitable for the USA. All the metrics will differ, so be careful on this point. 

Make your own energy supply at home using solar or wind sources and eliminate your power bill completely.


Inside A Wind Turbine (Windmill)


Take a peek inside a wind turbine - they are actually very simple devices!

Wind, Solar and Other Energy News

Becoming energy independent is a goal that should be encouraged far more by governments.  Moving away for the use of fossil fuels and towards environmentally produced sources of energy using such systems as wind powered turbines, solar panels, bio fuels and  gases and hydrogen cells.  By opting out and going DIY wherever possible, we become freed from the stanglehold exerted upon us by giant oil companies and less than friendly fossil fuel producing nations and also the spralling costs of electricity.

It is a common prediction in the natural energy lobby to forsee natural alternative sources becoming as widespread as the computer and internet in our homes.  These home systems are known as microgeneration methods. Carbon Free, a group of independent analysts in the field, have made detailed studies on the growth of alternative energy resources for the householder and the impact on the Energy Industry.

It is thought that the energy industry, in order to survive will respond by moving towards natural energy sources.  This will mean initially high installation costs for such new sources but eventually nil source costs thereafter.  The impact on the environment will be massively beneficial.  Such new ideas eg Geothermal, Turbine or Solar are being researched along with many other sources and will eventually seal the fate of the fossil fuels for good.